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Membership Q&A

Membership Questions and Answers

Q. What type of boats do you have?
A. Our boats are top quality Cobia, Pioneer, Edgewater, Dusky, Sea Fox, and Hurricanes with 4 stroke outboards. We have offshore fishing boats, comfortable cruising dual consoles and plush comfortable deck boats. Our boats are in excellent condition and are serviced by the local Yamaha dealership. Our dock assistants work hard throughout the week polishing the hulls, waxing the bright work, turning the loose screws, doing all the labor, making sure you have a boat you’ll be proud to be seen in.


Q. What about availability?
A. There is no sense joining a boat rental club if you cannot get a boat. Weekdays are generally very easy to get a boat. Weekend days and holidays have more demand. We advise that you reserve a boat on weekend days several days in advance. If you need more reassurance, you can book up to a 4 weeks in advance. We limit reservations to one at a time, to ensure availability for everyone.


Q. Where can I take the boats?
A. We have boats for ocean and Intracoastal use! Cruise North to the St.Lucie Inlet back into the Manatee pocket, South to the Southern Blvd. bridge in Palm Beach. Ocean going boats may go up to 10 miles out, if weather and seas are favorable.


Q. What qualifications must I have?
A. You must have boating experience. You need to be able to dock a boat in a marina with wind and or current, be able to drop anchor, have a grasp of the “rules of the road.” We offer members with limited boat experience an opportunity to get “hands on” training. We can provide you at an additional cost a licensed Captain for boating lessons.


Q. How do you compare to the competition?
A. For starters we clearly posted our prices on the website. Our competition will not.

If you check around, you will find other companies renting older boats, or selling club memberships for multi-thousands with multi-year commitments with hardball sales techniques.

Our competition offers membership plans without rentals fees but requires a huge membership payment upfront.

What incentive do they have to honor your boat request when they have all your money up-front. They price memberships to make a 1 year plan financially unattractive, forcing multi-year plans and then they charge annual maintenance fees!

We have excellent boats, very reasonable rates and no multi-year or “life-time” commitments. If you are happy with us and enjoy boating, you will renew your membership.

We believe you deserve a very nice boat and you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to enjoy boating.

It’s that simple.


Q. Can I come look at the boats without an appointment?
A. We welcome everyone to come look at the boats without an appointment. We may be busy with members when you pop in, and we’ll ask you to be patient for a few moments. We always take time out to show the boats and explain our programs. We are very proud of what we offer and invite you to stop buy and see the operation.



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